Frequently Asked Questions

What is headlight restoration and can my headlights be restored?

Headlight restoration is the process of removing yellow and cloudy oxidation from your headlight lenses and making them look brand new again.
And, yes! Over 99% of headlights can be restored!

More info: Your headlights are made out of polycarbonate (a type of plastic), which naturally gets yellow or cloudy over time from exposure to UV light, acid rain, road debris, etc. The yellow haze that you see on top of your headlight lenses hinders light output, potentially making you and other drivers less save on the road.  This damaged or oxidized layer can be thoroughly removed and the lenses perfectly restored to their original factory clarity.  RevitalX’s technicians utilize our proprietary 8-step system which ensures your headlights will be restored more thoroughly than anything else on the market.

Why are my headlights made out of plastic?

Since the 1990’s, automotive manufacturers have been using plastic (polycarbonate) instead of glass for most vehicle headlights.  Although plastic offers greater durability in the event of an automotive collision and allows for more aerodynamic designs, it also naturally oxidizes over time when exposed to UV light and undergoes impacts from road debris.  To combat this problem, most manufacturers add a thin UV-resistant coating on top of the lenses, but this is not a permanent solution.  According to federal regulations, headlights need to perform optimally for at least 3 years from the day a vehicle is manufactured, but after that it’s up to the owner to ensure that the headlights are maintained to produce adequate light output.

Will you need to take the headlights apart?

No.  Many people believe that the oxidation on their headlights occurs both on the outside and inside of the lenses; however, most of the time only the outside is significantly damaged and can therefore be restored with our 8-step method.

On the very rare occasions that you do have yellowing or a slight haze on the inside of the lenses, it’s typically because the seals that bind the lens to the housing have come loose and allowed dust or debris to get distributed on the inner portion of the lens. In that case, the proper way to remove that debris is to separate the lenses from the housing, clean the inside, and seal everything back together.  Because this situation is pretty rare and can be very time consuming to fix, we will consider it only on a case-by-case basis.  However, in our experience, most of the time, more than 99% of oxidation is on the outside portion of the lenses and can therefore be easiliy restored wth our 8-step system.

Why choose a professional service?

We will save you time, money, and you won’t need to inhale BPA-saturated dust! As professionals, we’ve spent years refining every step of our restoration process, including protecting our health and our customer’s health, so you can get 5-star results without having to practice on your own headlights, purchasing thousands of dollars of supplies, or putting your health at risk.  Unfortunately, most off-the-shelf kits don’t provide you with the right supplies, and many don’t even include a dust mask or a respirator to protect your lungs, especially when involving aerosolized clear-coat sprays.  And when it comes to the DIY options, you will typically get very lackluster results which take a lot of effort and don’t last for any meaningful amount of time.  As a professional business, we will apply years of experience to your situation, take every precaution to get the job done safely, and our results are guaranteed.  By choosing RevitalX, you will get stunning, affordable, and professional results the first time.   

Will I be able to see better when driving at night?

Yes! Cloudy headlights are one of the most underrated safety hazards on the road. After our restoration, your light output will increase by as much as 140%, making it easier to see and be seen while driving at night and during inclement weather. Headlight restoration is also one of the most noticeable and surprisingly affordable investments you can make in your vehicle.

What is the cost to restore vs. the cost to replace?

You can expect to save between $200 and $500 on average if you choose restoration rather than replacement. 

More info: Automotive manufacturers love selling OEM headlights because they make a fortune.  When you replace them, you are required to replace the entire headlight assembly which can cost anywhere from $70 per headlight to $2500 per headlight on higher-end vehicles.  After purchasing the replacements, you will then need to get them properly installed, which can easily cost an additional $50 to $100.

Pro tip: Many body shops offer headlight restoration for $150 to $275, but unfortunately they typically apply a layer of clear-coat which will eventually flake off or crack because it’s designed to adhere to automotive paint, and not to plastic headlights.  You may also notice that some detailers and car washes offer headlight restoration as a side service, but unfortunately this is usually a simple buff-and-wax application that doesn’t truly restore the oxidative damage and furthermore doesn’t last.  When you want to balance affordability and longevity, nothing beats the RevitalX Headlight Restoration System.   

Is headlight restoration a permanent solution to the problem?

It can be!  Our results can easiliy last the lifetime of your vehicle if properly maintained.

More info:  Because headlights get yellow as the protective coatings on top of the polycarbonate degrade, you can completely stop this process by simply applying a synthetic sealant once every month to every several months, depending on the product you choose. At most, it only takes a few minutes per moth to maintain your headlights in perfect condition.  If you regularly reinforce your headlight lenses with a high quality sealant that protects them from UV-light, acid rain, and road debris, you will ensure that your headlights will stay clear for the lifetime of the vehicle! There are many off-the-shelf and online products available. Just ask us if you want any recommendations.

Is there a limit to the amount of times a headlight can be restored?

No. The restoration process only removes a fraction of a percent of the plastic each time the restoration is performed. The headlight lenses are thick enough that the restoration process can be repeated without worry. If your headlights aren’t maintained, you can always get them restored again at any time.

How can I schedule an appointment?

It’s super easy.  Just give us a call or text us anytime.

We will simply need: Your name, the make/model of your vehicle, day/time when you’re available, and your preferred address for the appointment.  For your convenience we are a mobile business and our certified technician will come to the location of your choice (work or home).  All we will need is a regular power outlet within 200 feet of the vehicle.

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Can I buy this service as a gift?

Absolutely!  You can share the gift of safety with anyone:  Click here to send an eCard
$60 buys 1 complete headlight or tail-light restoration.